Immunology services

Department of Clinical Immunology provide a comprehensive range of tests for the immunological investigation of patients together with a highest quality of service with prompt delivery of accurate results, (backed up by specialist medical and scientific expertise). Where specific tests are not available locally, we will refer samples on to colleagues in other centres.

Clinical Immunology service, directed by a consultant immunologist, is part of the Division of Immunology and Infection and has developed into one of the largest diagnostic immunology service in the country, providing a comprehensive laboratory diagnostic service which includes immunophenotyping in haematolymphoid malignancy and immunodeficiency, autoimmune serology, immunochemistry, allergy, cellular and neuroimmunology testing.

The department's Clinical staff is happy to assist in the interpretation of patient's test results. If deemed necessary, interpretative comments will be added to test reports. Clinical referrals are also welcomed and opinions will be given, either at the bedside or at the Regional Immunology Clinics.

Clinical Immunology Service
(UKAS accredited)
Vincent Drive
B15 2TT

  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
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  • UKAS Reference Number: 9556

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