Studio 1

Our flagship multichannel studio for postgraduate use is intended for large-scale multichannel electroacoustic composition as well as special projects. It is the most extensive of the six studios available.

The studio is based on an Apple Mac Pro computer with two MOTU 24Ao AVB interfaces. Whilst the room is designed with flexibility in mind its default configuration is as follows:

  • x12 ear-level Genelec 8030 loudspeakers.
  • x8 high Genelec 8030 loudspeakers (approx. 2.5m from ground).
  • x8 diffuse Genelec 1029 loudspeakers. (These are positioned on a shelf around the perimeter of the room and point towards the ceiling.)
  • x2 Genelec 7060 subwoofers.
  • x2 Genelec 1037 loudspeakers for midfield stereophonic monitoring.

Bespoke acoustic treatment and design by Acoustic Dimensions, including room within room architecture, provides a quiet environment.

See also the software page.