Our services

We offer a collaborative service to provide expertise and advice to perform environmental omics studies from design through data acquisition to data analysis and biological interpretation. We keep you updated via a shared dropbox folder where the progress of your project can be checked in real time. Our collaborative service provide support pre grant application for study design and quotations.

We also provide fee-for-service projects which require our staff to employ routine (well-established) procedures without further optimization according to pre-defined protocols. Such work does not require scientific input from our staff.

We provide the following services:

Upstream services: 

  • Automated RNA Extraction
  • Automated DNA Extraction
  • RNA Library Ribo-depletion
  • RNA Library
  • Genome Library
  • Chip-Seq Library
  • qPCR
  • Quantitation and QC

Sequencing services:

  • HiSeq 2500
  • MiSeq

Bioinformatics services: 

  • Tailored analyses agreed as fee-for service with the Centre of Computational Biology Storage up to 6 months

For a complete list of technical procedures and pricing see here  http://bit.ly/2kt9t5W.
Note: for a cost-effective (and cheaper quote) provide a minimum of 48 samples

Before you enter in a collaborative or fee-for service partnership with us we ask you to:

  1. Contact us on envgen@contacts.bham.ac.uk to express your interest in entering a collaborative or a fee-for-service partnership
  2. Agree to and sign (electronic signature is accepted) a project agreement (http://bit.ly/2jC3c3l).
  3. Comply  and accept (signature/electronic signature required) with quality standards for the submitted samples (http://bit.ly/2jC7oQS)
  4. Complete a sample submission sheet (http://bit.ly/2jubLzC) and submit to envgen@contacts.bham.ac.uk
  5. If you require bioinformatics support, contact indirectly via our facility (envgen@contacts.bham.ac.uk) or directly (ccb@contacts.bham.ac.uk) the Centre of Computational Biology
  6. Timely transfer funds after the project agreement has been signed. We will not commence sample processing until the fund transfer is completed.

Please use the 'Download as' option in google docs