FENAC Industry Workshop 2017

Small Things Matter: Nanomaterials

Thursday 16 November 2017
University of Birmingham Nicolson Building, Winterbourne, Edgbaston Park Road, B15 2TT

Our business and industry colleagues with interests in colloidal suspensions and nanomaterials, are invited to participate in a forthcoming industry workshop to be hosted by FENAC at the University of Birmingham.

The workshop is aimed at those who currently require or anticipate the need for advanced characterisation and understanding of nano-scale materials or processes, either for industrial applications, standardisation or regulatory compliance.

Nanomaterials may be intentionally introduced, accidentally released, or occur naturally in our environment. FENAC offers expertise in the development and characterisation of all nanomaterials, as well as their fate and behaviour in the environment: in fresh water, estuary and seawater, in soils, in culture media for organism growth and within biological tissues. Toxicity testing is also carried out at FENAC, monitoring interactions with whole organisms and human cells.

You will hear first-hand from FENAC users, the Facility’s own research experts and our instrument manufacturers, how our equipment and expertise can be used to solve the challenges facing the nanotech sector. A tour of FENAC’s laboratories will be included in the programme. Your participation will help us to focus the future activity of the facility on providing the right services and solutions to your industry research and development, and we look forward to welcoming you for a lively and interactive programme on the day.


Please send enquiries to Marian Jordan (m.a.jordan@bham.ac.uk).

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