Agilent Microarray Service

Perform Gene Expression, CGH, ChIPonChip and microRNA analysis on one Microarray Platform in the Functional Genomics Laboratory

The service is available to both internal and external customers and offers high quality Microarraying technology that is extremely flexible. This gives you the ability to better meet your evolving research projects needs.

Custom Slide design

Array designThe Agilent Microarray service available in the Functional Genomics Unit offers incredible flexibility allowing customers to use Agilents online portal eArray to gain access to proprietary gene expression probe design algorithms. This includes:

  • 8 million human CGH probes and
  • 14 million human ChIP probes
  • And many more

All offered at no extra cost!

To find out more visit the Agilent technologies website

Slide Printing

There is  no minimum order for custom arrays, due to Agilent’s fast and flexible inkjet in situ probe synthesis. This allows you to:

  • Change your array design as often as you need during your evolving research projects
  • Receive custom arrays in less than 1 month from the Genomics facility
  • Print any genome any time

Array types

Multiple array formats are available, for genome wide screening use high density 244K arrays or for more focused studies use a multipack down to 8 x 15K arrays and reduce costs.

Dual Mode Gene Expression Analysis is also available depending on your experimental design. For longer open ended studies use the cost effective 1 colour mode whereas for detecting rare transcripts use the higher sensitivity 2 colour mode.

Genomics laboratory staff will provide all details and prices of available arrays .

Labelling and Analysis

G enomics laboratory staff will provide a full labelling and data analysis service for you.

ChipThere is no need to enrich microRNA instead just 100ng total RNA is needed for labeling. This  achieves high sensitivity through 5 orders of magnitude of dynamic range.

Example of data analysis documents - Contact Laboratory Staff

2100 Bioanalyser from Agilent - RNA Quantification and QC