Flow Cytometry

The BD FACSAria Cell-Sorting System

The BD FACSAria™  cell sorter offers high performance flow cytometry. It provides superior fluorescence sensitivity, high-speed sorting and multicolour analysis. The system software incorporates sort setup and sort monitoring making it easy-to-use.

The BD FACSAria Cell-Sorting System

  • Fixed-alignment cuvette flow cell - giving superior fluorescence sensitivity
  • Accommodation of up to four air-cooled lasers at 488-nm, 633-nm, 405-nm, and 375-nm wavelengths
  • Digital acquisition rates of up to 70,000 events/second
  • Multicolor analysis of up to 15 parameters
  • Two- and four-way bulk sorting devices for a variety of tube sizes
  • Capability for sorting cells into 96-well plates

This machine offers easy-to-use, high-performance sorting and analysis to users of the Functional Genomics and Proteomics unit.

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