Genotyping is performed on a ABI 3730 which has a wide range of applications. In addition to setting the benchmark for high-throughput genetic analysis, the system’s optimized application assays and analysis software also provide a complete solution across a range of genetic analysis applications:

  • MegaBACE 1000De novo sequencing
  • Resequencing (mutational profiling)
  • Microsatellite analysis
  • SNP genotyping
  • AFLP®
  • BAC Fingerprinting
  • Methylation
  • LOH (loss of heterozygosity)
  • RFLP
  • SAGE™

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Molecular Sexing

We offer an established, quick and easy solution to your genotyping questions. Send us your samples and within 14 days you will have your result. A variety of non-coagulated blood sample collection methods* are acceptable. (e.g. EDTA, FTA cards etc.) We will advise on all aspects including the best collection method to suit you.

*NB. Blood must be collected under license where applicable. We are not responsible for obtaining such licenses.

AFLP and Micro-satellite Analysis

Simply supply labelled products in 10ul samples and we will do the rest!

We will clean up the samples and remove residual primers and unincorporated nucleotides using Amersham Biosciences ExoSAP-IT

The samples will then be desalted and cleaned up further through filtration columns.

Finally with the addition of the requisite size standards the samples are run on the 3730.

AFLP peaks

Capillary electrophoresis provides an attractive detection system for generic fragment analysis techniques such as AFLP, due to its excellent resolution, limited hands-on time and the possibility for multiplexed detection based on different fluorescent dyes.

Results are supplied in RAW form for customer analysis using Genetic Profiler.