Glassblowing Facility

The University of Birmingham Glassblowing Facility offers a unique, cost effective and professional glass-blowing service. We can design and fabricate complex glassware, using both borosillicate and quartz, to suit your specific requirements or repair your existing apparatus. At the same time, we offer exceptional savings in excess of 50% against buying new from an industrial manufacturer.

Based in the School of Chemistry, our highly skilled and personalised service offers a high-class product that ultimately supplies internationally recognised research and development, in both the University and private sector. Our glassblower has over 25 years of experience, won various technical awards and is a member of the British Society of Scientific Glassblowers. 

Along with standard items used in scientific research, we provide a full technical advisory service to assist customers on the best design and application to suit specific requirements.

Some of our recent commissioned pieces include:

  • Popular glassware such as manifolds, still heads, sintered columns etc.
  • Manifold repair: £30, saving £370 if bought new (£400).
  • Custom built and designed multi-valve vacuum system for teaching laboratory.
  • Decorative commissions such as trophies for University BUAFTA Awards.

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