Our facilities

Woman undertaking a V02 test on an exercise bike with male researcher next to herThe HRB provides a unique opportunity to take clinical research directly into the community. It may be viewed as being similar to the mobile blood donation units, and can travel around the local environment, providing the community with the opportunity to participate in clinical research.

The facility is a fully functional clinical research facility and contains all the equipment necessary to perform a wide variety of clinical studies. It provides an ease of access for volunteers, many of whom find accessing hospitals difficult, time consuming and in some cases intimidating. Furthermore, it will allow better access to distinct populations eg. children, South Asian.

By working together with the local community, such as local schools it is possible to align the highest quality clinical research with health promotion and education programmes. The facility offers space which allows for a flexibility of use. However in acting as a clinical research facility the rooms separate out into:

Waiting Room/Meeting Room...

A flexible space which can act as a traditional waiting area or if the adjoining procedure and consultation rooms are opened up, it provides a much larger meeting space for group meetings, workshops, tests, demonstrations or ideally for events. There is disabled lift available to allow access and off the reception room there is a disabled toilet.

Woman undertaking a V02 test on an exercise bike with male researcher next to her


 Busy reception area

Consultation Room ...

This is set up with a foldable examination couch, desk and has IT facilities (access to UHB NHS trust as well as internet).

Procedure Room...

Suitable for minor procedures (eg skin or fat tissue biopsies) which contains a phlebotomy chair. Can also serve as an additional consultation room.

Research nurse checking a patients temperature in the procedure room

Sample Processing Room...

A room which allows samples to be processed and store. It contains a refrigerated centrifuge and under bench fridge and -200C freezer for temporary sample storage.

Researcher using centrifuge machine


Scanner room...

This contains a dual energy X-Ray absorptiometry scanner (Lunar iDXA) which can be used for bone densitometry and body composition analysis in adults and children. Private changing facilities are also available in this room.

Patient with researcher using a scanner

Equipment includes...

  • bioimpedance scales for non-invasive body composition analysis
  • resuscitation trolley
  • ECG machine
  • venepuncture & cannulation
  • blood glucose monitoring & urinalysis
  • blood pressure and vital signs monitoring & portable spirometry

In addition other equipment can be brought on to the HRB by individual investigators and might include vascular scanners, exercise equipment, or indirect calorimetry

Using the facility...

The bus is actually a trailer which is driven by an HGV tractor. The dimensions for the main unit are 13.5m x 2.5m with pods that come out of the main trailer which measure 5.1m x 1.98m. There are a few things to consider when using the bus which include

  • that the entrance gate must be a minimum of 3 metres in width. Please take into account the gate hinges and whether the gate itself restricts available width
  • the distance from the entrance gate to the opposite pavement must be a minimum of 10 metres
  • are there any lamp posts, trees etc. which could impede the turning area? 
  • distance inside the gate before the vehicle needs to manoeuvre must be a minimum of 16 metres
  • height clearance must have a minimum of 4.5 metres
  • and is the proposed parking area reasonable level?