Health Research Bus

Health Research BusThe UK’s first mobile medical research facility.

The pioneering Health Research Bus (HRB), has been developed to further public engagement in clinical research. The facility acts as a fully functional mobile clinical research facility and contains all the equipment necessary to perform a wide variety of clinical studies. This includes a dedicated DXA scanner that can be used for measuring body composition as well as bone mineral density. It enables scientists to carry out a wide variety of clinical studies, scanning programmes and health promotion activities anywhere in the region.

The facility is used in partnership with business and organisations who are seeking to engage with the community in delivering or promoting clinical research or healthcare.

The bus can also be hired for other uses beyond clinical research including events, public engagement activity and training.

The project is part of a larger investment by Advantage West Midlands into Birmingham Science City, via funding into the research infrastructure of the West Midlands region which unites the Universities of Birmingham and Warwick in a newly-formed Science City Research Alliance.

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