Principle investigators involved in ageing research

Examples of other principle investigators involved in ageing research at Birmingham and some of their areas of interest include:


Wiebke Arlt

HPA axis changes and health

Doug Carroll

Stress, ageing and immunity

Iain Chapple

Periodontitis and health in old age

Mark Cooper          


KK Cheng

Studying ageing and health at a population level

Joan Duda

Motivation to exercise

Mark Hollands           

Motor control and balance in old age

Glyn Humphreys

Recovery from stroke

Zoe Kourtzi

Brain ageing

Robin May

Gender and ageing

Paul Moss

Persistent viral infection and immune senescence

Anna Phillips

Stress and immunity

Janet Smith

Muscle stem cells and sarcopaenia

Paul Stewart

Sarcopaenia and endocrine system ageing

Shahrad Taheri

Sleep disruption

Emil Toescu

Brain ageing

Jeremy Tomlinson

Obesity and ageing

Anton Wagenmakers

Physical activity, diet and sarcopaenia

Alan Wing

Motor control and balance


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