Current awareness

london-709256_1920To keep you up to date with the latest developments in your areas of interest, we send out: a daily news digest, several themed news bulletins and quick in-depth searches on current health topics.


Clinical Commissioning Bulletin

Emailed weekly from sources such as the Department of Health, Primary Care Contracting, The King's Fund and NHS Confederation. Also includes the most recent scholarly journal articles on the topic.

Daily Digest

Emailed out every morning with the latest health related news from 50 sources including the Department of Health, The King's Fund, Nuffield Trust, Health Foundation, BMA, BBC, HSJ & the broadsheets.

Health Sector Workforce Bulletin

News and reports from the NHS, royal colleges and research organisations. This is a fortnightly bulletin.

Integrated Care Bulletin

Emailed monthly to include links to articles from the main academic journals on the subject, as well as relevant sources from around the web.

International Health Bulletin

A monthly survey highlighting trends and issues within health systems internationally. We compile news from a wide range of domestic and international sources.

Mental Health Bulletin

Monthly overview of mental health related news from various charities working in this sector, as well as research organisations and news sources.

Public Health Bulletin

Weekly overview of current public health issues. We monitor UK and international sources.

Public and Patient Involvement Bulletin (PPI)

Monthly update from sources such as INVOLVE, NHS England, National Voices, the Picker Institute and the latest journal articles.

Snappy Searches

Here we pull together current web-based material on a given topic. Our Snappy Searches aim to be broad surveys of current health-related themes or issues. We send out two of these per week, and at least one of the searches will have a public health focus.