What our users say about us


Chris Ham, Chief Executive of the Kings Fund and Honorary Professor of Health Policy at HSMC
"HSMC's library offers a comprehensive and responsive source of information on all matters to do with public health and health services. It helps me to keep in touch with current developments and to track down papers and reports when I need them. Once you have experienced the library, you won't want to be without it."

Judith Smith, Senior Associate at the Nuffield Trust and Director of the HSMC
"What I really value about the HSMC Library and Information Service is their ability to provide rapid focused replies to my many queries about national and international developments in health policy and management. In these days of information overload, an expert searching and analysis facility such as this is crucial.
In a fast moving environment in which useful information is so often obscured by the volume of available data, the services provided by the HSMC library team are invaluable. Their knowledge of sources of information, coupled with an ability to target dissemination on topics of specific interest to me, means that I get reliable access to all that I need (and only what I need) from the worlds of policy and academia."

Dr Jacky Chambers, Director of Public Health at HoB PCT
"The library is always extremely helpful and prompt with any request - something you really need in a busy service job."

Tessa Norris, Service Director of Children's Services at BEN PCT
"In the past I would have had to undertake literature searches to identify new material on subjects. Now the library staff will do a snappy search which gives me a head start and saves me time."

Becky Parish, Acting Deputy Director at Gloucester PCT
"The support from the HSMC Library with my MSc dissertation was invaluable.  Their expertise with regards to search criteria gave me results that had a major impact on my final submission.  I would never have found them left to my own devices."

Michael Dewsbury, Commissioning Support Officer, South Birmingham PCT
"The HSMC Library is a very useful resource.  The opening hours are good and the staff are willing to help me find a book or a journal.  I particularly appreciate being able to renew books online.  The bulletins are a good source of health related news, although they arrive more frequently than I can read!"

Diane Steiner, Specialist Registrar in Public Health
"The HSMC Library has been incredibly helpful with email alerts, literature searching, tutoring me in literature searching, providing articles and books.  I have been amazed at the availability of such a great resource."

Mandy Amin, Clinical Education Lead, LCRCHS
"I have asked all my colleagues to register with the library service so they can access articles for their studies and evidence based care.  This really is a most valuable resource available to us. It is easy to access and response to any enquiry is prompt."