eJournal Contents

You can keep up-to-date in your areas of interest by registering to receive the content pages of any journal everytime a new issue is published.

We will email it directly to you and you can then request the full text of any article in which you are interested.

Register for this service here


This service is not available to University of Birmingham registered students as you can receive electronic content pages through the British Library's free ZETOC service.

How to set up journal alerts if you are a student at the university

Go to the Zetoc website, select the 'Zetoc Alert' option and then log in using your University of Birmingham username and password.

  1. Select the 'Create new Zetoc Alert' option, enter your email address and then select 'Add Journals'.
  2. You can then use the search options to add journal titles to your list.
  3. If you have trouble setting up your preferences or if you require further information then contact Emma Green.