Health & Healthcare Policy ebooks

The following books from the Health & Healthcare Policy reading list are available as ebooks from the universtiy.

You will be able to read the whole book online, you will need your UoB username and password.

Klein, R. (6th ed) (2010)
The New Politics of the NHS

Webster, C. (2nd ed) (2002)
The National Health Service: a political history

Gray, A.G. & Harrison, S. (2004)
Governing Medicine

Øvretveit, J. (1998)
Evaluating Health Interventions

Powell, M. (2002)
Evaluating New Labour’s Welfare Reforms

Clarke, J., Newman, J., Smith, N., Vidler, E. & Westmarland, L. (2007)
Creating Citizen-Consumers

Buse, K., Mays, N. & Walt, G. (2005)
Making Health Policy

Greener, I. (2009)
Healthcare in the UK

Hill, M. (5th rev ed) (2009)
The Public Policy Process

Shaw, M., Dorling, D., Gordon, D. & Davey Smith, G. (1999)
The Widening Gap

Wilkinson, R. (1996)
Unhealthy Societies

Baggott, R., Allsop, J. & Jones, K. (2005)
Speaking for Patients and Carers

Peck, E. & 6, P. (2006)
Beyond Delivery

Clarke, M. (2011)
Challenging Choices

Smee, C. (2005)
Speaking Truth to Power

Boyne, G. et al (2003)
Evaluating Public Management Reforms

Davies, H.T.O., Nutley, S.M. & Smith, P.C. (2000)
What works?

Simmons, R., Powell, M. & Greener, I. (2009)
The Consumer in Public Services

Thaler, R. & Sunstein, C. (2008)

Le Grand, J. (2007)
The Other Invisible Hand

Mackenbach, J. & Bakker, M. (2002)
Reducing Inequalities in Health