eBooks on leadership

We have recently bought a whole load of new ebooks on leadership:

Leadership, Western  http://bit.ly/ic0y6A

Leadership in organizations,  Storey http://bit.ly/hINL2Q

Leadership in organizations, 2nd ed, Storey http://bit.ly/sIDVIv

Leadership without easy answers, Heifetz http://bit.ly/rgnzyy

Management and leadership development, Mabey http://bit.ly/q5qY9w

The New Public Leadership Challenge, Brookes http://bit.ly/uIhTFQ

An Ethical Approach to Leading Change, Conroy http://bit.ly/xYlXCQ 

Performing Leadership,   Peck http://bit.ly/xum5KL

The arts of leadership, Grint http://bit.ly/H8R5Ay

Leading change, Attwood http://bit.ly/HA9HyP

The John Adair Handbook of Management and Leadership,  Adair  http://bit.ly/HMCD54

Leadership, Management and Command, Grint  http://bit.ly/ItR8uO

The emergence of leadership,  Griffin  http://bit.ly/JnmcfK

The leader's guide to storytelling,  Denning http://bit.ly/Ici56r

An integrative approach to leader development, Day http://bit.ly/Iply0p

The leader on the couch,  Kets de Vries http://bit.ly/Idylvz

Lessons in leadership, Joyce http://bit.ly/IjGW4R

Leadership Processes and Follower Self-Identity, Brown http://bit.ly/JnsagN

Leadership and the New Science, Wheatley http://bit.ly/J9cfht   

See the full list of ebooks provided by us via the Main Library