Mysteries of the Deep

Exhibitions, Life and Environmental Sciences
Monday 11th March (10:00) - Monday 17th June 2019 (17:00)
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Anna Chrystal, Learning and Public Engagament Manager


Mysteries of the Deep: 50 years of Scientific Ocean Drilling

The oceans have an unseen influence on all our lives. But how do we know this? How do we know how the oceans behave? And how can we better understand and protect these wonderful environments? Over the past fifty years there has been an astonishing, long-lasting and deep international scientific collaboration, that has revealed many secrets of the oceans. This programme spanned the divisions of the cold-war, and now involves 23 countries in an effort to explore the oceans from the Arctic to Antarctic. Through this program, thousands of scientists, technical staff, drillers and crew have gathered critical data and samples to tell the story of our blue planet. Understanding the oceans, their role in the Earth’s climate, their diversity of life and the risks they can pose is more important than ever. This is the story of scientific ocean drilling. This is the story we’re telling.