Success is a journey not a destination

Monday 13 December 2021 (10:00) - Wednesday 23 February 2022 (17:00)

Aerona Moore, Learning and Public Engagement Manager


Student sketchbook 1

Success is a journey not a destination

Students at King Edward VI High School for Girls have observed artefacts in the Lapworth Museum and produced work in a range of media. Colouring pencils, ink, graphite, textile experiments, lino print, dry point engraving, watercolour and acrylic paint have all been explored in order to interrogate line, tone, form, colour and texture.

This exhibition celebrates process rather than outcome, highlighting the intellectual courage and divergent thinking skills needed to embark on any creative journey. We hope that the work on display in this exhibition reflects the curiosity, excitement, engagement and resilience that makes learning fun and we hope it demonstrates that a love of learning can lead to a successful outcome.


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