Two Islands

Saturday 28 August (12:00) - Wednesday 24 November 2021 (17:00)

Aerona Moore, Learning and Engagement Officer


John Kelly Surtsey-small
Surtsey, Iceland

Two Islands

Two Islands resulted from field studies on two very contrasting islands, beginning in the young lava fields of Surtsey, Iceland, and ending among the time worn rocks and erosional surfaces of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

Sketch of Surtsey by John Kelly


About John Kelly

In 2003 John Kelly was awarded a fellowship with British Antarctic Survey (BAS) to go to Antarctica.

This and the subsequent exhibition 'Due South' at the Natural History Museum set the work on landscape into a higher realm and was followed by a number of residencies in the High Arctic as well as a return to Antarctica in 2014 with the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI). The work has focused upon landscape interpretation in a wide range of remote locations. In the Arctic this has resulted in contact with the Inupiat people and their struggle for survival in the harsh conditions of northern Alaska.

The recent work 'Northland: Journeys into the Twilight' describes their existence in a world of climate change and environmental degradation.

This is a temporary exhibition and there is no admission charge.

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