Vanished: a historian's guide to extinction

Lapworth Museum - Earth Sciences Building (R4 on campus map)
Friday 24 November 2017 (12:30-13:30)

Josh Allen, Research Development Officer



Vanished: a historian's guide to extinction.

Over 90% of beings that ever lived on Earth are now extinct – if you’re reading this, you’re lucky enough to be in the 10% that survived! But as a scientific theory, extinction is surprisingly modern. This talk will be a whistle-stop tour of the history of extinction from a historian’s perspective. It will show how scientists have gone from believing that extinction can only be due to human actions to accepting that it is an endemic feature of the natural world.

Part of the Being Human Festival. Run by Birmingham Research Insitiute for History and Cutlures in conjunction with the Lapworth Museum of Geology.

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