Lapworth Lates

Lapworth Museum of Geology - Earth Sciences Building (R4 on campus map)
Life and Environmental Sciences
Thursday 15th August 2019 (19:00-22:00)
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Aerona Moore, Learning and Engagement Officer


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Prepare for an ADVENTURE into inspiring arts and cutting-edge research at the third Lapworth Lates! Meet the pioneering people exploring the unknown and get creative in our artist led-workshops!

Programme of Activities

The Lapworth Museum: Why do we have a toilet seat on display? What do we use a hippo skeleton for? Hear the shocking stories behind some adventurous geologists connected with the Museum!

English: The year is 1870. You are Charles Lapworth, the main character in a choose-your-own adventure story! Learn about the origins of adventure fiction and decide our adventuring hero’s fate. 

Geo-Pottery: Delve into the past and get inspired from the geology around you to make your own fossil pot or glaze a porcelain pendant or key ring. Take your pots home with instructions on how to fire them Neolithic style or collect them finished at a later date.

Winterbourne House and Gardens: Prepare for a palaeobotanical adventure through time. Hear exotic tales from plant hunters, examine fossilised plants and explore their relationship with those that can be found growing in the gardens at Winterbourne today.

The British Antarctic Survey: Time travel with fossils to an ancient jungle in Antarctica then zoom forward to the present to meet bizarre creatures that inhabit the polar seas. Compare your height with the tallest and smallest penguins and get kitted out ready for fieldwork adventures!

Sir Martin Frobisher: Voyage with the explorer Martin Frobisher on the first English expedition to the Canadian Arctic; learn about a gold-scam that rocked a nation, test your knowledge of gold-bearing rocks, try to build a colony in the tundra. What do you take, what do you eat, can you survive?

Chemistry: Learn the challenges and solutions for hunting down signs of disease. Dive into a ball pool to find a small ping pong ball - can we use sieves to make finding it easier?

The Lapworth Files: A student has gone missing and rumours of a secret society haunt the campus. Strange things are happening at Lapworth can you help the new curator solve the mystery? Please note booking is required due to space constraints – book on to a performance on the evening. Each performance is limited to 10 people and lasts 30 minutes

Adventures with Salt: Follow the adventures of researchers as they investigate the secrets of salt using magnets!  What is so fascinating about the stuff you put on your chips?

Environmental Sciences- Plastics: Uncover the hidden world of microplastics. Observe fluorescently stained plastics and aquatic organisms exposed to microplastics and see the impacts they have on the environment.

Chemical Engineering: Ready to explore all you senses? See it! Touch it! Taste it! Hear it! Smell it! Come and test them all and talk to us about why sensory analysis is important for an engineer or a pharmacist.

D.I.Ynosaur: Indulge your inner child and create some truly bonkers wearable dinosaur sculpture. Taking inspiration from fossils, recycled cardboard, an injection of artistic licence and a strong dose of imagination, you will create your very own bespoke dino mask! We will then parade through the museum as a herd (?!) of D.I.YNOSAURS!

Mysteries of the Deep: What mysteries do the ocean depths hold? Find out how they help us to understand our planets past, and protect our future. Get suited and booted and take a ‘Survival Suit Selfie’!

Drinks and light nibbles will be available on the night.

This event is free of charge but booking is essential. Tickets are available here!