What was on the menu 200 million years ago? Reconstructing the diets and feeding behaviours of extinct reptiles

Aston Webb Lecture Theatre WG5 - Edgbaston Campus
Monday 6 June 2022 (17:30-18:30)

Jon Clatworthy, Director of the Lapworth Museum of Geology

Email: j.c.clatworthy@bham.ac.uk

Jordan Bestwick- Pterosaur Ecology2

Part of the Lapworth Lecture Series

Speaker: Dr Jordan Bestwick, University of Birmingham 

Please note the new start time of 5.30pm

Reconstructing the diets of extinct animals is important for understanding the structure and functioning of ancient food webs. However, previous attempts to representatively reconstruct extinct diets often stray into the realms of speculation. Jordan alternatively uses a technique called dental microwear analysis which looks at the microscopic textures on tooth surfaces that are caused by interactions with food items. In this talk he will present how he has used this technique to reconstruct the diets of pterosaurs – extinct flying reptiles that lived above the heads of dinosaurs – and to present an exclusive look at his latest research at Birmingham on the diets of the earliest dinosaurs

All are welcome to attend and there is no admission charge

The Lecture will be held in Aston Webb A Block, Lecture Theatre WG5. 

You also have the option of joining virtually by registering to view the live Zoom Webinar here.

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