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The Museum offers a number of taught workshops for a range of key stages, all of which have been developed in relation to the National Curriculum. 

All workshops and school visits must be booked in advance. For more information on educational visits please contact either:


For more details on our workshops please see below. Please note our Secondary School offer is currently under development and more details will follow shortly.

View of the Lapworth Museum
View of the Allosaurus
View of the Active Earth Gallery

Rocks (KS2)

Geology Rocks!

Discover the wonderful world of rocks by examining specimens through a series of scientific experiments.

Pupils will conduct a series of sorting experiments, using real geological specimens, based on a number of properties. Pupils will get the chance to use our microscopes, and will conduct experiments to determine porosity and hardness. 

National Curriculum Links:

  • Rocks
  • Working scientifically. 

Volcanoes and Earthquakes (KS2)

Discover our Earth’s fiery nature.

What are natural hazards and how they form? Witness an experimental volcanic eruption and see if you would survive an earthquake!

Pupils will interact with the museum’s collections to discover just how destructive natural hazards can be and will see John Shaw’s Seismograph; a midlands inventor!

 National Curriculum Links:

  • Volcanoes & Earthquakes
  • Working scientifically.  

Deadly Dinosaurs (KS2)

Become a Dinosaur Detective!

Discover how fossils are formed, what they can tell us about the past and what we need to look for when examining them.

Pupils will make their own fossil cast and will explore the museum searching for hidden mystery objects. What story will these objects tell?

National Curriculum Links:

  • Rocks
  • Animals, including humans
  •  Living things and their habitats
  • Evolution and inheritance
  • Working scientifically.  

Active Earth (KS3)

We live on a planet that is over 4.5 billion years old!

Unearth our planet’s active history, examine Earth’s structure and ponder at plate tectonics. 

Pupils will make their own geological timeline, and will explore the museum’s collections to discover just how active the Earth beneath our feet is!

National Curriculum Links:

  • Geological timescales
  • Plate tectonics
  • Rock cycle
  • Composition & structure of the Earth
  • Weathering
  • Working scientifically.