Virtual Primary School Visits and Tours

Our Primary school offers are designed to engage and inspire your pupils with the wonders of rocks, fossils, volcanoes and earthquakes! Whether you’re looking for activity ideas, talks or objects in the classroom, we’re here to help you bring Earth Sciences to life.

All sessions are free of charge and must be booked in advance. For more information about these sessions or loan boxes please contact:

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Virtual Lapworth Museum Tour (KS1, KS2)

 Engage your pupils with an online tour of the museum and discover some incredible objects and facts along the way. Meet Roary our Allosaurus and learn how scientists use evidence to understand his past. A PDF activity sheet can be shared before the session and pupils can ask questions as we virtually explore.

Sessions offered are;

  • Dinosaurs and the Jurassic (KS1)
  • Geology Hunt (Tour of the museum) (KS2)
  • Volcanoes and Earthquakes (KS2)
  • Mary Anning and Jurassic Seas (KS2)