Conference Committees

Organising and Host Committee

  • H. Hemida (UK), Colloquium Chairman
  • M. Sterling (UK), Colloquium Co-Chairman
  • A. Quinn (UK)
  • M. Jesson (UK)
  • D. Soper (UK)
  • D. Flynn (UK)
  • S. Guilmier (UK)
  • M. He (UK)

International Advisory Committee

  • A. Kareem, IAWE President (US)
  • Y. Tamura, IAWE Past President (Japan)
  • C. Borri (Italy)
  • S. Lee (S Korea) 
  • S. Y. Cao (China)
  • Y. J. Ge (China)
  • G. Bartoli (Italy)
  • G. A. Kopp (Canada)
  • T. Stathopoulos (Canada)
  • A. Loredo-Souza (Brazil)
  • G. Solari (Italy)
  • H. Yamada (Japan)
  • C. Letchford (US)

Technical Committee

To be confirmed