MINTIG Symposium

Mineralised Tissue Group Symposium

Craniofacial development and disorders 

Understanding the mechanism of craniofacial development, genetics and other mechanisms causing disorders disrupting the development of craniofacial structures, is key to developing regenerative therapies. This year’s MINTIG symposium will be focusing on the development of the craniofacial structures including regenerative mechanisms, genetic disorders, and developmental anomalies that affect mineralised tissue in the craniofacial region. With special interest in mechanisms and disorders affecting enamel, dentine, bone, and cementum.

The symposium is also open for craniofacial developmental research related to but not exclusive to signalling pathways, osseointegration, cleft palate and craniofacial anomalies (from orthodontics and/or pedodontics point of view) research. 


 09:00  Biomaterials for craniofacial tissue repair and disease modelling
 Eileen Gentleman, King's College London
 09:25  The effect of osteoporosis on bone regeneration
 Elena Calciolari, Queen Mary University of London
 09:50  The role of FGF signalling in syndromic craniosynostosis
 Erwin Pauws, University College London
 10:15  Clinical aspects of Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation (or enamel defects) in children
 Richard Balmer, University of Leeds
 10:45  Close
 12:00  Lunch