Students' Day

This year Student Conference Awards sub-committee are pleased to offer a new “Students' Day”, on Thursday 25 August. This day is open for registration to recently graduated, ongoing or almost finished PhD students. The aim of the day is to stimulate discussion on how to be a good researcher and how to come up with biostatistical research projects of ongoing or future interest. The day complements the regular ISCB conference.


The Day will be dedicated to biostatistical research skills and future biostatistical research directions. We aim to share experiences and questions on how to do good research and discuss current research challenges

 09.00 Welcome
 09.15 Robin Henderson
Biostatistical Research Skills
 Session 1:  Challenges in clinical trials
 09.45 Michael J Grayling
Blinded and unblinded sample size re-estimation procedures for stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trials
 10.00 Caroline Kristunas 
A comparison of unequal cluster sizes in stepped-wedge cluster randomised trials
 10.15 Jane Candlish
Statistical design and analysis of proportionate intervention trials: a systematic review. Challenges in undertaking methodological systematic reviews
 10.30 Discussion
 10.45 Refreshments
 Session 2: Bayesian techniques
 11.00 Gemma Clayton
Quantitative, qualitative or both?
 11.15 Davood Roshan Sangachin
Adaptive Tolerance Range for Clinical Biomarkers using Bayesian Approaches
 11.30 John Dennis
Personalised medicine research in type 2 diabetes: study findings may be dependent on how response to a therapy is initially defined
 11.45 Laure Wynants
Feeling stuck in research: lessons learned from studying heterogeneity in measures of clinical utility
 12.00 Discussion
12.15 Lunch
 13.15 Katherine Lee
Developing a Career in Biostatistics
  Session 3: Longitudinal and time-to-event data
 13.45 Stefan Nygaard Hansen
Estimating a cumulative incidence under calendar time trends
 14.00 Morten Overgaard
Jack-knife pseudo-observations and their use in regression analyses
 14.15 Shivam Pandey
Association of childhood head growth with adult systolic blood pressure: findings from the New Delhi Birth Cohort
 14.30 Marie-Cécile Fournier
The use of joint model for longitudinal and time-to-event data: an application on kidney transplantation
 14.45 Discussion
 15.00 Refreshments
  Session 4: Programming and simulation methods
 15.15 Daniela Zöller
Julia – a serious alternative to R for biostatisticians?
 15.30 Tanja Berger
Simulation study on the estimability of distribution parameters in the context of observations below the lower limit of quantification (LLOQ)
 15.45 Julia Krzykalla
Simulating high-dimensional molecular data
 16.00 Discussion
 16.15 Hans van Houwelingen
The Future of Biostatistics
 16.45 Discussion and Farewell


Registration has now closed.


For any question, please contact the Chair of the Student Conference Awards sub-committee, Nadine Binder,