About the Workshops

The workshops have been developed by Patient and Public Involvement Leads and members of the public experienced in involvement in research.

The workshops will run in parallel with networking opportunities during refreshment breaks and lunch.

Workshop 1: Introduction to Patient and Public Involvement

Who should attend

Patients, members of the public and researchers in any area of health and social care, either preclinical or clinical, who want to learn more about Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research.

About this workshop

This workshop will enable you to understand the principles underpinning best practice in patient and public involvement.

After this workshop, delegates should:

  • Understand what ‘public involvement in research’ is and why it is important
  • Understand the difference between patient and public involvement, engagement and participation
  • Know how to involve patients and the public at every stage of the research cycle
  • Learn about the NIHR INVOLVE Standards for Involvement and how to incorporate these into practice
  • Know where to find key PPI resources and information

Workshop 2: Developing a Patient and Public Involvement group

Who should attend

Researchers in any area of health and social care, either preclinical or clinical, who want to create or expand a patient/public involvement group. This can be any member of the research group including PhD student, research fellow, principal investigator, research nurse, project manager, trials coordinator, programme manager etc.

About this workshop

The workshop will have a practical approach focussing on developing understanding of PPI and the resources available to you.

After this workshop, delegates should:

  • Know where and how to contact patients and members of the public
  • Know how to write role descriptions and adverts
  • Understand the principles underpinning public-researcher interactions
  • Understand how to work to NIHR INVOLVE standards
  • Know how to effectively communicate and feedback to public contributors

Prior Knowledge

This workshop is a level 2 course and delegates will be expected to have either attended our level 1 course, PPIR First Principles, or have an equivalent level of knowledge. As a basic, you would be expected to be familiar with the content of the INVOLVE Briefing Notes for Researchers

Materials to bring with you
It is not compulsory to bring anything with you, but you may get more out of the workshop if you bring the following

  • A lay summary of your project, either on paper or on laptop/tablet
  • A laptop/tablet with internet connection

Workshop 3: Grant writing

About this workshop

This course is designed for researchers that want to learn more about public involvement in developing grant applications. The course will include guidance on how to involve public contributors to develop research project ideas, where they can add value, and how this input from public contributors can be expressed in a research grant application. The course is co-designed by a public contributor with experience of working with researchers to develop grant applications and experience of reviewing grant applications. 

Learning outcomes

After the workshop delegates should:

  • Have increased confidence in working with public partners to develop a grant application 
  • Be familiar with different methods of involving the public in grant applications
  • Know how to describe public involvement in grant applications
  • Know what public reviewers will be looking for in grant applications 
  • Know where to find useful resources

Workshop 4: Reporting on Impact

About this workshop

This course is for researchers and members of the public. All delegates must have prior or existing experience of doing Public and Patient Involvement in Research, either as a researchers or public contributor. We recommend that delegates attend in researcher-public contributor pairs in order to get the most value out of the workshop, although this is not compulsory. 

Learning outcomes

After the workshop delegates should:

  • Be familiar with current guidelines for Reporting of PPI activity
  • Be familiar with current guidelines for Feeding back to PPI contributors
  • Know where to find useful resources
  • Be able to write a draft outline of a paper describing the PPI involvement in their project


When the Workshops are running:

Friday 13th December, 10:00 - 14:00: Workshop 1*

*Please note there are no more spaces available for Members of the Public or PPI Advisors on Workshop 1 running on 13th December.

Registration Category *fees subject to change  Fee
Member of the Public or PPI Advisor  £10
Birmingham Health Partners: (UHB, UoB, BWCH) and local NIHR where this is defined as NIHR bodies which have  UHB as their host Trust.
(This includes researchers in CLAHRC WM, Birmingham BRC, SRMRC, Trauma MIC, Wellcome/NIHR CRF and employees of WM CRN and AHSN)
Publicly Funded: (External) Researcher/clinician/admin staff employed by other Universities/NHS organisations/NIHR Centres (not West Midlands)  £120
Commercial: Pharmaceutical companies, private healthcare companies, private grant management companies, private biotech companies. £250

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