Advanced Cancer Clinical Trials- Design and Implementation

Cancer Sciences Seminar Room (S106
Medical and Dental Sciences
Monday 27th November (10:00) - Friday 1st December 2017 (15:20)
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Tel: 0121 414 8606/08

Course Overview

Clinical trials are the cornerstone of medical research. As new therapies have become available in oncology, the methods used in trials have evolved. The Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit is one of the largest in Europe, running trials in each of the phases, from first-in-man phase I studies to large, practice-changing phase III studies.

This module will teach students about the theoretical basis of clinical decision making and the design and analysis of clinical trials. The module will be taught by researchers at the trials unit, going beyond the basics to describe advanced methods used to study modern cancer therapies. It will cover a variety of trial settings, including paediatric; and specialist trial designs appropriate to specific purposes, such as Bayesian analysis. We will recap the fundamentals of clinical trials and statistics, before covering in depth the challenges that arise at each of the trial phases. Motivating introductions will be given by our clinical researchers, and methods will be demonstrated using our trials.

The emphasis will be on the importance of good trial design and the interpretation of clinical trial data. The module is aimed at Clinical Trialists across a range of disciplines including Clinicians, scientists, statisticians and trial co-ordinators who already have some trials experience but wish to expand their expertise and develop their use of more advanced methodologies.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Understand the challenges brought by modern therapies to dose-finding, and explain the factors important to high quality dose-finding trials
  • Describe how and why biomarkers are used in trials
  • Understand the motivation for basket and umbrella trials, and discuss the attendant benefits and challenges
  • Explain the important factors behind the choice of outcomes at each trial phase, and the challenges in analysing those outcomes
  • Describe methods used to test multiple treatments in one trial
  • Understand the challenges in running practice-changing trials in rare diseases, and describe how design and analysis can be adapted to enable feasibility and still provide high quality evidence

If you wish, you can complete an assessment task, to receive 10 M level credits


Day 1: Overview of key concepts in clinical trials
Day 2: Early phase dose-finding trials
Day 3: Early phase efficacy trials
Day 4: Advanced methods for randomised trials
Day 5: Practice-changing trials in rare diseases

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Course Details

5 Days (one week)

Room S106, Cancer Sciences Building, University of Birmingham.

Whole course £550
Per day £110

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