Occupational Mental Health

Course Overview

This course covers many important emerging psychological issues in the workplace, ranging from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Substance Abuse and Depression, through to Stress and Personality Disorders.

The course will include lectures by practitioners with experience in assessing cases of psychological and mental health problems. There will be a demonstration of instruments and tools relevant to psychometric assessment and evaluation of worker well-being, as well as in-class assessments of “workers” presenting with psychological symptoms.

Learning Objectives

Topics covered throughout the course include:

• Background and overview - what is 'mental health' and how does it affect us in the workplace? 
• Legislation and regulations 
• Exposure - psychosocial hazards and other contributing factors 
• Acute and long-term effects of mental health issues 
• Management of workers - surveillance, assessment and guidance

Who is this course for?

This short course is aimed at training occupational health practitioners who want to understand more about the assessment and management of workers with a range of mental health problems and psychological issues.

Course Details

Duration and Dates
3 days, 7-9 November 2018.

Medical School, University of Birmingham.


Is this course accredited? 
We have applied to FOM for accreditation.

How to apply 
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