Upcoming Exhibition - Delta Field Grid: David Prentice

 DavidPrentice01 copy

Image credit: David Prentice, Ostrich Walk, 1978, Research and Cultural Collections, Image courtesy of Dinah Prentice


Research and Cultural Collections presents recently gifted works by artist David Prentice (1936-2014). This exhibition features a series of large-scale triangular paintings referred to by the artist as "delta field grids" painted during the 1970s. A founding member of Birmingham's internationally renowned IKON gallery, Prentice was commissioned by the University of Birmingham in 1970 to create Pleiades, a series of grids on mirrors. This marked the beginning of a close relationship between Prentice, his artist-wife Dinah and the University; culminating in the gift of paintings and the artist’s archive, featured in the current exhibition. 

Exhibition dates: 4 August - 6 October 2017 

Rotunda Gallery, Aston Webb Building, University of Birmingham (R6 on the campus map)

Monday - Friday, 9-6, Free Entry

Exhibition launch: 3 August, 5.30-7.30, Free entry, All welcome