Focus on Curating

Focus on Curating - volunteers

Focus on Curating was a project funded by a Museum Development Grant from the Marches Network, an organisation supported by Arts Council England. From 2013-2014, a team of Curatorial Volunteers had the opportunity to develop essential museum skills, focusing on: object handling and research, digitisation, database management, museum photography, social media, and education. Each volunteer researched and photographed a selection of objects to enhance the collections database and their work was published on the Focus on Curating blog. The culmination of the project was the development and delivery of an educational workshop.

Curious Curators Workshop

The 2013/2014 Curatorial Volunteers have successfully completed their project and their contributions have already had an impact on Research and Cultural Collection's work: their workshop has been added to the department's suite of education and outreach sessions. Research and Cultural Collections aims to continue to train volunteers in research and photography so that the blog can continue to educate, entertain and inform.