Transgenic Services

Transgenic Mouse Facility (TMF) – Dr Andrea Bacon (TMF Manager)

Genetically modified mouse models have become an increasingly popular tool in scientific research labs worldwide. Using the techniques and expertise of the TMF it is possible for research groups within the University of Birmingham to quickly and economically derive new mouse models. To become competent in transgenic techniques can take many years thereby holding up vital projects. With the TMF this expertise is in house, readily accessible and very competitively priced. As the mice are generated within the Biomedical Services Unit there are also no delays in importing or re-deriving mouse strains once they have been generated. Andrea has over 15 years experience in transgenic technology and to date have generated multiple genetically modified mouse models using pronuclear microinjection and ES cell/blastocyst injection.

Pronuclear microinjection...

Pronuclear microinjection consists of the injection of a DNA transgene, provided by the client, to generate a transgenic mouse strain. Using this strategy it is possible to overexpress a gene of interest or to map expression patterns using a reporter construct. The transgenic mouse facility has had success injecting both standard DNA transgenes and also BAC transgenes which allow for the insertion of much larger regions of DNA.

Embryonic stem cell injection...

Injection of genetically modified ES cells into host blastocyst stage embryos to generate Knock-out/Knock-in genetically modified mouse strains. ES cells can be generated by the client but it is becoming more common to buy genetically modified (GM) ES cells helping to save both time and money. Useful websites for available GM ES cells are;

The KO Mouse Project

The Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Centers 

The TMF has also had success in generating chimeras from fibroblast derived iPS cell lines (including the derivation of fibroblasts from adult tail tips).

  • Embryo fusion
    Generation of chimeric mice from two existing mouse strains.
  • Embryo cryopreservation
    Cryopreservation and storage of embryos from individual mouse strains for insurance and also to facilitate transport of mice to other institutions.
  • ES cell derivation
    Generation of embryonic stem cells from existing mouse strains to allow in vitro manipulation/differentiation.
  • Breeding programme assistance
    Advice on all aspects of breeding, cross breeding and tissue typing.

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