Self assessment form

  • Please note: the form cannot be submitted until all fields have been completed
  • This project is a:
  • Research Involving NHS or Animals
    NB: NHS REC review is generally required where the research involves NHS patients, NHS staff or NHS facilities. Please view the FAQs section to ascertain which projects require NHS REC review. Please be aware that the Mental Capacity Act 2005 requires that any research project involving persons aged 16 years or over, who lack the capacity to provide informed consent, be subject to approval by an NHS REC.
  • Research involving the NHS or otherwise requiring Sponsorship
    Does your research:
  • • Involve NHS patients or staff, their tissue/materials or data, or NHS facilities?
  • • Involve social care clients?
  • • Involve a medical intervention taking place outside the UK?
  • Does your research involve any of the above (NHS/Social Care/Sponsorship)?
  • If you have answered yes to this question you will require Sponsorship for this project. If there is already Sponsorship in place for this research, please use the box below to indicate:
  • • Who is sponsoring the research
  • • The Chief Investigator, if not the same as on this form
  • • The Sponsor’s reference number (for University of Birmingham sponsored studies this will have the format ‘RG_YY-XXX’)
  • • The Research Ethics Committee reference for the project
  • • Any University grant codes associated with the project
  • If you do not already have Sponsorship for this project, then this form will constitute the sponsorship application form. Please go to, log into the intranet, and download and sign the appropriate declaration. This should then be sent to: Research Governance Team, Finance Office, Room 119, Block B Aston Webb Building.
  • Further information about the sponsorship process at the University of Birmingham can be found at (you will need to log in to the intranet to access this information).
  • Research involving Animals
    Will the research proposal:
  • - Require ethical advice and review from an animal research ethics committee as required by the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act? If the proposal has already received such review, please also select Yes.
  • - Involve research with animals to be conducted overseas?
  • - Involve research with animals to be conducted overseas?
  • For all research involving animals as above, please tick yes and then email for further information about the appropriate mechanism for review.
  • Research involving animals
  • If you have answered yes to any of these questions you will can skip the next questions and go straight to the declaration. If you have answered no you will need to answer further questions. You will still need to apply for NHS REC or the relevant BERSC approval. It is sufficient that the relevant recognised ethics committee (e.g. the NHS REC or BERSC) formally approves such research proposal.
  • Other University Research
  • Will the research project involve humans as research participants and/or subjects (with or without their knowledge or consent at the time)?
  • Are the results of the research project likely to expose any person to physical or psychological harm?
  • Will you have access to personal information that allows you to identify individuals, or to corporate or company confidential information (that is not covered by confidentiality terms within an agreement or by a separate confidentiality agreement)?
  • Does the research project present a significant risk to the environment or society?
  • Does this research involve any breaking of security or other systems without the permission of the owners?
  • Are there any ethical issues raised by this research project that in the opinion of the PI require further ethical review?
  • If you answer NO to all of the questions in this form, further ethical review is not necessary. You should now submit the webform (using the button at the foot of this page).
  • If you have answered YES to any of the questions in the section immediately above ('Other University Research'), you should now submit the webform (using the button at the foot of this page) and then:
  • 1. If the work is not covered by an existing ethics approval download and complete the University of Birmingham Ethical Review Application Form (at, and submit it to the Research Ethics Office.
  • 2. If the work is covered by an existing ethics approval, and therefore no further ethics approval will be required, please provide the relevant ethics reference and any other information in the box below:
  • Please note that, if subsequent to this declaration, changes are made during the study that modify any of the above NO answers to YES, the Research Ethics Officer must be informed of this amendment.
  • Declaration
    By clicking the 'submit form' button, I declare that the questions above have been answered truthfully and to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that I take full responsibility for these responses. I undertake to observe ethical principles throughout the research project and to report any changes that affect the ethics of the project to the University Ethical Review Committee for review. I have read and undertake to abide by the University’s Code of Practice for Research ( )
  • NB. This form should only be submitted by a Principal Investigator or Academic Supervisor (in the case of postgraduate research student projects).