Work Experience Bursaries

Level of study
Any Undergraduate
Subject area
Arts and Law, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Life and Environmental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, Social Sciences
EU, Overseas (Non-EU), UK
Type of Award
Deadline for applying
Closed 28/04/2022 (Note: competition closed for this year)

Award Description

The Work Experience Bursaries provide financial support to all undergraduate students at the University of Birmingham undertaking extra-curricular internships or work experience relevant to their future career. 

The aim of the bursaries is to assist students in improving their personal and professional development by allowing them to take up critical experiences they may otherwise not be able to afford.

There are two bursary strands available, students can apply for either one, but not both:

Value of Award

The Work Experience Bursary can be used to help with expenses such as accommodation, travel, living costs, bills and utilities, insurance, and students can apply for up to £500 to cover these costs.

In addition to the above types of costs the bursaries can contribute towards, the Gateway Bursary can also be used to cover childcare and disability support services and the maximum award available through this strand is £1,000.

Please note that, due to restrictions in place as a result of COVID-19, the Work Experience and Gateway Bursaries cannot currently be used towards funding work experience outside of the UK. This is in accordance with guidance issued across the University of Birmingham. This webpage will be updated as and when the guidance develops or changes.

Eligibility Criteria

The Work Experience bursaries are:

  • Open to all full time undergraduate students from the University of Birmingham (this includes international students)
  • Not open to all year postgraduates and students from other universities
  • Not open to University of Birmingham students studying for one year only as part of an exchange or Erasmus programme
  • Not available to assist with the funding of opportunities that do form part of your course requirements
  • Not available to assist with electives or opportunities that are part of an accredited module

The Gateway Bursary includes additional eligibility criteria, so only students who consider themselves part of one of the following categories may apply:

  • Registered as a Birmingham Scholar (either via initial student enrolment or personal tutor referral); this criteria also incorporates the immediate below eligibility categories:
      • In receipt of a P2B (Pathways to Birmingham) or A2B (Access to Birmingham) offer
      • A care leaver or care experienced
  • Registered as disabled / in receipt of Disability Student Allowance
  • First generation of the family into higher education
  • From a lower income background (i.e. in receipt of a grant or scholarship)
  • A lone parent (you are a single parent of one or more children)
  • From an ethnic minority background

How to Apply

In order to apply for the bursaries you must complete and submit an online application form and virtual video interview, which can be found on the Work Experience Bursaries page during the time that the competition is open.

Once the application deadline has passed, all online application forms and virtual video interviews will be reviewed by Careers Network. Applicants will be informed on their application outcome during week commencing 23 May 2022.


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