The University of Birmingham has a number of products and resources which are available for purchase. 

Products currently available are listed below:

Scanning Probe Energey Loss Spectroscopy (SPELS)

EUCLID Interferometer-Easy to Use Compact Laser Interferometric Device capable of sensing at the pico metre level and over a range of many millimetres.

Antibody R10Z8E9- A murine monoclonal antibody specific for the IgG-Fc of all human IgG subclasses but not IgG of non-human primates.

Cell lines and other biological materials are commercially available through our partner companies. Please browse the links below or fill in our enquiry form giving details of products which are of interest.

University of Birmingham cell line partner organisations

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Other products


Gut feelings is a groundbreaking DVD sharing the experiences of nine people from the UK who are living with coeliac disease. They all have their own stories about how their diagnosis, how the condition affects them and about how they manage their gluten free diet.

Available from Amazon (£12.99)


Dialogues in Dying is a DVD and 52-page booklet offering an interactive training experience for professionals working with very ill and dying people in hospitals and the community. 

Available from Amazon (49.99)