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Patents for licensing 

Patents available for license include the following:


Rapid Production of Ceramic Moulds for Investment Casting

Investment casting requires building a mould around a wax pattern of the required casting. However, mould building is a time consuming process involving drying layers of ceramic materials. Our new rapid shell build method using super-absorbent polymers  reduces shell build time. 

Find out more about the Rapid Production of Ceramic Moulds (PDF - 312KB)

FPGA Hardware Compiler

C-to-HDL compiler code-generation technology for high level synthesis of FPGA designs and algorithms.

Thermal Barrier coatings for industrial turbine blades

Gas turbines operate at high temperatures in corrosive atmospheres. The self-healing ceramic coating systems that are designed to protect the superalloy gas turbine blades in high temperature applications do not self-heal at the intermediate temperatures found in industrial gas turbines. A new bond coat based on chromia forming materials overcomes this problem.

Self structuring foods for the control of satiety

Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in much of the developed world, although lower energy versions of many foods have been produced and advice given on healthy eating consumers seem unwilling to compromise in any way.
Research has shown that another way of satisfying appetite is through consumption of soft or liquid foods that restructure in the stomach into gels. However observations made using alginates have shown that only a limited gellation occurs. Our new gellan based formulation overcomes this problem.

Removal of rare earth magnets during repairs

Rare earth magnets are used in a wide range of industrial devices. Many of these devices, especial those employed in large scale applications need to be repaired or maintained and the rare earth magnet replaced. This is currently difficult and time consuming.  Our new method overcomes these problems by using hydrogen decrepitation. 

High Voltage Direct Current Power Converter

Transmission of power in voltage sourced converter (VSC) based high voltage direct current (HVCD) power distribution grids has many advantages over conventional AC networks, especially over long transmission distances. However, switching systems are costly due to the high price of the DC circuit breakers used, which contributes significantly to the overall capital cost of developing DC grids.  Our new approach overcomes many of the problems of DC switching.

Quantification of therapeutic antibodies with R10Z8E9

R10Z8E9 is a murine monoclonal antibody for quantification of therapeutic antibodies in non human primate trials.

Ruthenium nano-particles for tissue, cell and materials imaging

Ruthenium nano-particles are attractive as luminescent probes. However it is difficult to form noble metal nano-particles. Our new method of bonding probes overcomes these problems.

Advanced gas diffusion electrodes

A simplified method of GDE manufacturing reduces PEM fuel cell costs and provides improved durability.

Long-lasting antibacterial stainless steel surfaces

A novel plasma surface alloying technique to harden stainless steel surfaces by co-alloying with N and/or C to form a hard, wearing resistant phase and at the same time introduce bacteria-killing agents, such as Ag or Cu, into a stainless steel surface.

Acompact laser interferometric measuring device

Euclid is supplied as a simple plug and paly unit and requires no electrical and mechanical connections.

Find out more about the Euclid Interferometer (PDF - 199KB)

Self structuring alcoholic beverages

Over consumption of alcoholic beverages is a well recognised problem in certain cultures. There has been much discussion about the potential for reducing drink intake however no solution to this costly social problem has yet been found. Our new alcoholic drinks formulation gels in the stomach and creates a sense of satiety.

Scanning probe energy loss spectroscopy

A novel technique developed and patented by the University of Birmingham combines the imaging capabilities of scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) with the spectral information provided by electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) in reflection mode.

Volatile Markers of inflammatory bowel disease

Bowel disease has a high incidence in the western population. There is currently no simple diagnostic test which differentiates between irritable bowel syndrome and the more serious inflammatory bowel disease. Our initial data shows that analysis of gases collected from above faecal matter allows differentiation between IBS, Chrohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Secure data processing

A design, with implementation,  for a piece of hardware , that performs all its calculations on encrypted data and instructions, using encrypted arithmetic, without ever performing any encryption or decryption itself.