Spinout Portfolio

 Below is a selection of our active spinout portfolio:

Bioscience Ventures Ltd

Bioscience Ventures Ltd is a joint venture between the University of Birmingham and Abingdon Health Limited - formed in November 2010

Key Business: Developing new diagnostic tools for conditions where there is currently unmet need in markets such as oncology, genetic diseases and platform technologies with applications in many areas including infectious diseases, drug testing and veterinary.

Alta Bioscience Ltd

Manufactures and sells specialty chemicals such as peptides and oligonucleotides and performs amino-acid analysis and protein sequencing for the pharmaceutical industry, food industry and academia.

Smart Antenna Technologies (SAT)

By cutting the size of a phone or other device’s antenna footprint, SAT’s technology will both boost battery life and reduce production costs.


Linear Diagnostics Ltd

LD have developed technology that allows molecular diagnostic testing to be carried out with a simple optical system and has multiple applications in the health, food and defence and security sectors.


PsiOxus Therapeutics 

A merger of Hybrid Biosystems (Professor Len Seymour - Division of Cancer Studies, 1997) and Myotec Therapeutics in December 2010.

Key Business: Development of non-traditional therapeutics for serious diseases. The company's approach is to combine different elements including small molecules, viruses, polymers and other macro-molecules to produce novel patent protected therapeutics. It deliberately targets diseases that result in significant associated global morbidity and mortality, with a particular focus upon cancer.


The Native Antigen Company

A spin-out of Hybrid Biosystems (Professor Len Seymour - Division of Cancer Studies, 1997) in November 2010

Specialises in the purification of native viral and bacterial antigens for in vitro diagnostics manufacturers. The scientific team, based in Oxford, has the scope to produce almost any native antigen, from small to bulk quantity. In addition, it offers an adenovirus purification capability and a screening service for anti-cancer drug compounds.



Founded by Professor Nicholas Barnes (Division of Neuropharmacology) in 2004, Celentyx's core technology is in-vitro screens for prediction of drug candidates on theimmune system.

Key business is a contract service for pharma/biotech re lead candidate prioritisation and toxicity evaluation.



Founded by Professor Ann Logan (Division of Neuropharmacology) in 2005.  The core technology is siRNA-based drugs to enhance neuron survival and nerve regeneration.

Key business is consultancy and a neural tissue/cell analysis service for screening neuropharmaceuticals in the nerve regeneration and neural repair arena.



Founded by Professor Roy Bicknell and Dr Nagy in 2004 (University of Oxford – now University of Birmingham) in 2004

Core Technology: Cell cycle-related biomarkers associated with the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Key Business: Developing products and services for neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease


Chimeric Therapeutics Ltd

By using modified T-cells, the body’s natural defence system, to attack tumours, Chimeric Therapeutics is developing new therapies to treat cancer.

Abingdon Health

A UK based diagnostic group focused on commercialising rapid tests for blood diseases and cancer.


Irresistable Materials 

Founded by Professor Richard Palmer (Physics), Professor Jon Preece (Chemistry) and Dr Alex Robinson (Chemical Engineering), Irresistable Materials was established as a spinout company in  2011 (Inc 2009).

Irresistible Materials photoresist technology enables microchip manufacturers to produce the next generation of chips.

Key Business: Developing resist materials to enable semiconductor industry to utilise EUV lithography.


Revitope Oncology Inc

Revitope’s process delivers viral antigens to cancerous cells so they can be recognised and killed by Virus specific T-cells


Bioscience Ventures / Alta Biosciences

Established in partnership with Abingdon Health to develop diagnostic tools in the fields of cancer, veterinary and infectious diseases.