Spin Out Companies

Spinout Venture Development

Over the years the University of Birmingham has set up a number of companies to commercialise the results of its research, and has established a portfolio of companies in which it retains an equity stake.  These companies cover a wide range of sectors: from companies like Psioxus Therapeutics who are targeting the treatment of cancer, to Cambridge Mechatronics that develops innovative actuation systems for consumer electronics such as cameras used in smart phones.

Alta Innovations, via the University’s spinout venture development and business intelligence team, proactively look to establish new spinout companies to develop the fruits of the University’s research.  The emphasis is on quality rather than quantity – our intention is to create sustainable ventures that not only offer the opportunity for significant financial growth that can be reinvested by the University, but can ensure that the University’s research results really can have an impact on society and the environment.

Our approach is rigorous.  As such, we seek to identify experienced management at an early stage, and together with our academic colleagues, validate the commercial concept, and co-develop viable investment-ready business strategies.

University of Birmingham spinout company portfolio