Mr Tom Pakkanen

Founding Member (Finland)

Tom Pakkanen is a PhD student of Forensic Psychology at the Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland. He has years of experience working full time assisting the police and the judicial system, mainly in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, with forensic investigations of suspected child sexual and physical abuse. He has been training the police at the Police College of Finland for a decade, and he is a sought after lecturer on topics of applied forensic psychology. In his spare time he is finishing his doctoral thesis on crime linkage. His research interests include crime linkage, criminal profiling, decision-making processes, and the application of forensic psychology in the court room and in pre-trial investigations.

Mr Pakkanen will work with Dr Santtila to identify and access relevant data from Finland for the research projects. He will also be involved in conducting data analysis, participating in the workshops, and disseminating the research findings.