Professor Gabrielle Salfati 

Founding Member (The United States of America)

Professor Salfati is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, and the Director of the Investigative Psychology Research Unit (IPRU). She is part of the first group of people who emerged within the field of Investigative Psychology, and was instrumental in the development of empirical analysis of violent crime behaviour as an international research field. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology (Nottingham), an MSc in Investigative Psychology (Surrey), and a PhD in Psychology (Liverpool). She is a Fellow of the International Association for Investigative Psychology, and the former Vice-President of the Homicide Research Working Group. Her expertise includes behavioural crime scene analysis, linking serial homicide and sexual violent crimes, and crime scene investigation decision making.

She is an expert in data collection methods and quality assurance, and has developed the Homicide Profiling Index (HPI-R) a detailed coding book for collecting behavioural data from crime scenes that has been used extensively in collecting data from homicide files as well as sexual crime files. She is also an expert in multi-dimensional scaling analysis as it applies to crime scene analysis research and practice.

Professor Salfati regularly collaborates with major research centres and law enforcement agencies internationally and has compiled some of the largest serial homicide datasets to date based on actual crime files. She delivers training to law enforcement, crime analysts and other criminal justice professionals on matters of crime scene analysis and investigations, and decision making. For more information, please see

For more information, please see