Dr Jasper van der Kemp 

Founding Member (The Netherlands)

Dr van der Kemp is an Assistant Professor at the VU School of Criminology in the Faculty of Law at Vrije UniversiteitvAmsterdam (VUA). He has an MSc in Neuropsychology (VUA). His PhD research, at the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement, is on geographical profiling. Dr van der Kemp’s research focuses on investigative criminology, in particular the psychological aspects of investigations and prosecutions. His expertise is varied, including legal psychology, crime analysis, crime scenarios, and behavioural investigative advice (e.g. offender and geographical profiling and crime linkage).

Dr van der Kemp will work with police partners to source and collate crime data for the C-LINK project. Dr van der Kemp will contribute to the data analysis, specifically in relation to analysing spatial distribution and conducting Bayesian analyses. As with other members of the network, he will contribute to workshops, promote C-LINK activities with relevant organisations, and help disseminate the research findings.