ChiLTERN Milestones

ChiLTERN milestones are scheduled dates marking the achievement of a deliverable or associated activity. There is no written document for ChiLTERN milestones just dates entered on to the EC Particpant Portal by the scheduled deadline (). 


MS1 Project Manual (4) UoB - dated on EC Portal

MS2 Project Data Management Plan (6) UoB  - dated on EC Portal

MS3 Protocol Finalisation (9) UoB  - dated on EC Portal

MS4 UK ethics and regulatory approval (12) UoB  - dated on EC Portal

MS5 Ethics and regulatoryapproval in 50% of NCCs (18) UoB

MS6 150 (50%) patients recruited (42) UoB

MS7 300 (100%) patients recruited (60) UoB

MS8 Development of an European biorepository (60) IGTP

MS9 Establishment of central pathological review (60) IGTP

MS10 Generation of a list of best diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers (pathological & molecular) (60) IGTP

MS11 Validation of the list of diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers in specimens obtained at the time of diagnosis (including those of very aggressive tumours) (60) IGTP

MS12 Definition of the similarities and differences between childhood and adulthood HCC (60) IGTP

MS13 First Validation of CHIC-HS (36) LMU

MS14 Validation of CHIC-HS within PHITT (60) LMU

MS15 New clinical biological and pathological risk stratification (60) LMU

MS16 Development of a European surgical expert platform (60) EKUT

MS17 Establishment of central surgical review (60) EKUT

MS18 Generation of a list of factors (60) EKUT

MS19 Validation of the list of factors defining surgical approaches based on imaging data (60) EKUT

MS20 Protocol for PK sample analysis finalised (12) UNEW  - dated on EC Portal

MS21 First sample received for PK analysis (15) UNEW  - dated on EC Portal

MS22 First sample received for PD analysis (15) UNEW -  - dated on EC Portal

MS23 Final WP7 report detailing PK and PD analysis (60) UNEW