ChiLTERN deliverables and milestones

ChiLTERN deliverables are tangible items such as a report or website that have to be documented by the lead and uploaded via the Particpant Portal to the European Commission by the contracted deadline (). 


D1.1 Project Management Manual (6) UoB - submitted and approved

D1.2 Data Management Plan (6) UoB - submitted and approved

D2.1 Registration in ISRCTN (12) UoB - submitted and approved

D2.2 Protocol finalisation and submission to EC (12) UoB - submitted and approved

D2.3 Ethics & regulatory approval in UK and submission to EC (12) UoB - submitted and approved

D2.4 Ethics & regulatory approval in 50% of NCC countries (18) UoB - submitted 

D2.5 Trial Progress report (18) UoB - submitted and approved

D2.6 Mid-recruitment report (36) UoB - submitted

D2.7 Trial Progress report 3 (54) UoB

D2.8 Trial publication report (60) UoB

D2.9 Submission of approvals package to EC (60) UoB

D3.1 Report on biobanking activities (36) IGTP - submitted

D3.2 Website optimization to register sample collection (18) CINECA - submitted and approved

D3.3 Report on pathological review activities (36) UNIPD - submitted

D3.4 Report on the optimised panel of biomarkers (54) IGTP

D3.5 Report on validated biomarkers in diagnostic specimens (54) IGTP

D3.6 Report on new biomarkers identified in aggressive childhood cancers (54) LMU

D3.7 Report on similaritiesand differencesbetween paediatric and adult HCC (54) UKB

D4.1 Report on the firststep to a validation ofthe new clinical riskstratification CHIC HS (36) LMU

D4.2 Report of the validation of CHIC HS within the first part of the PHITT trial data (60) LMU

D4.3 Report of the inclusion of pathology and biology marker into a new clinical-pathological-biological version of the classification (60) LMU

D5.1Web-based surgical review platform (18) EKUT - submitted and approved

D5.2 Report on imaging data collection activities (36) EKUT

D5.3 Report on surgical review activities (36) EKUT

D5.4 Report on surgical review activitiesReport on the outcome of patients with PRETEXT III/IV HB undergoing surgery (54) EKUT

D5.5 Report on validated factors for surgical decision making (54) EKUT

D5.6 Report on factors identifying patients for computer assisted surgery planning (54) EKUT

D5.7 Report of clinical recommendations for children with PRETEXT III/IV Hepatoblastoma: extended resection or primary liver transplantation (60) EKUT

D6.1 Protocols for standardised collection of clinical samples and sample analysis (18) UNEW - submitted and approved

D6.2 Collection of samples and pharmacokinetic analysis (18) UNEW - submitted

D6.3 Collection of samples and biomarker analysis (18) UNEW

D6.4 Analysis of pharmacogenetic data (54) UNEW

D6.5 Final WP6 report (60) UNEW

D7.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan: and updated regularly (18) UoB - submitted and approved

D7.2 Publication Policy (18) UoB - submitted and approved

D7.3 Website activation (18) UoB - submitted and approved