Marie Curie Fellows

Marina Martinez Garcia UoB: WP3/WP4 Project: Chromosome axis organisation in relation to the coordination of meiotic recombination

Divyashree Coimbatore Nageswaran UoC: WP2/WP4 Project: Characterization of crossover hotspots in Arabidopsis and wheat

Jason Sims UoV: WP2 Project: Generation and analysis of an artificial “cold-spot” of meiotic recombination

Jihed Chouaref UoA: WP2/WP3/WP4 Project: Defining recombination hotspots in tomato

Sevgin Demirci - UoW– vacant: WP4/WP2 Project: Bioinformatic analyses of meiotic recombination in tomato hybrids and related species

Pablo Parra UCM: WP3/WP4 Project: Control of meiotic recombination during the diploidisation of autopolyploids

Maria Ada Prusicki UoH: WP3 Project: Control of meiotic entry and progression

Gunjita Singh CNRS: WP3/WP2 Project: Roles of recombination proteins in meiotic pairing and synapsis of specific chromosomal regions in Arabidopsis

Mateusz Zelkowski IPK:  WP3 Project: How does meiosis work in species with holocentric chromosomes?

Adrián Gonzalo INRA: WP4 Project: Understanding factors affecting CO variation in oilseed rape (Brassica napus)

Amy Whitbread KIT: WP4/WP3 Project: Modifying meiotic recombination in tomato

Mikel Arrieta JHI: WP4/WP3 Project: Influence of temperature on CO formation in barley

Vanesa Calvo - UoW Research Training Project 12: Development of cytogenetic tools for advancing breeding .