The COMREC Inaugural Meeting and Workshop on Recombination/Plant Breeding was held on Tuesday 8th to Thursday 10th July 2014 in the Nicholson Building, Winterbourne House & Gardens, University of Birmingham. This was a highly successful first meeting, attended by all partners, their recruited ESRs and the COMREC associated partners. An introduction to the individual workpackages was given by the WP leader and each ESR gave a presentation on their background and their research aims and outputs for the project.

The Workshop on Recombination/Plant Breeding for the ESRs consisted of talks provided by WP leaders and external invited speakers. This was followed by an Outreach & Event Planning day hosted by Dr Kenny Webster of the Think Tank, Birmingham which included a tour of the facilities for future outreach activities, which are planned for early 2015.

In accordance with TA3.1.4 of the Annex, partner 11 (UoW) hosted the Bioinformatics Workshop at Wageningen University on the 4th, 5th and 6th of February 2015. Topics covered were data resources such as NCBI dbs, Ensembl, and basic tools (e.g. BLAST, InterPro, Go annotation, Staden, Emboss, Primer3). The gathering also provided an opportunity to check that the ESRs are settling well in their respective RTPs. For ESRs requiring more detailed knowledge additional training will be provided by via additional secondments to UoW-PRI.

The1st COMREC annual meeting on 4th May 2015in El Escorial, Madrid was organised by partner UCM. The meeting was attended by all partners, their recruited ESRs and the COMREC associated partners. Following this meeting and in accordance with TA3.1.6, the Workshop on Advanced Methodologies in Meiosis Research was held on 5th May 2015, organised by UCM and coordinated by P8. This was presented by COMREC partners and invited external speakers.

The workshop was followed by TA3.1.7 Workshop on Writing Scientific Papers, Reports and Grant Proposals on 6th May 2015. This supplemented the generic training received by ESRs in their host institutions and was led by COMREC partners and associate partners who have extensive experience in Journal reviewing, editorial work, report writing and as members of Research Funding Bodies such as DFG and BBSRC.

Mid-term review - 24 November 2015

2nd Annual Meeting and Workshops in Commercial Plant Breeding & Business Skills and Entrepreneurship: Tuesday 17th - Wednesday 18th May 2016, hosted by COMREC Partner IPK - Agenda

Final Meeting and Research Dissemination Conference Combining LoLa Summer Workshop: Wednesday 10th – Thursday 11th May 2017, hosted by COMREC industrial partner NIAB Innovation Farm, Cambridge - Agenda