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Photo of Stefan KrauseProfessor Stefan Krause

Prof Stefan Krause is a Professor of Ecohydrology & Biogeochemistry. His research investigates the impacts of global environmental change on hydrological fluxes, biogeochemical cycling and ecohydrological feedback functions in complex landscapes with coupled groundwater-surface water systems.

Photo of David HannahProfessor David Hannah

Prof David Hannah is a physical geographer with interdisciplinary research interests focusing on complementary themes within hydroclimatology (interface between hydrology-climatology). He is the Director of Research for the College of Life and Environmental Sciences at University of Birmingham.

 Jon Sadler Professor Jonathan Sadler

Professor Sadler is a biogeographer and ecologist who focuses on species population and assemblage dynamics in urban and riparian environments. His research involves interdisciplinary science using a combination of detailed field studies and field experimentation. His work emphasizes the links between environmental variability and species responses, with particular emphasis on urbanisation and hydrological disturbance.

Alexander MilnerProfessor Alexander Milner

Professor Alexander Milner is responsible for the Masters degree in River Environmental Management at University of Birmingham. His research involves river ecosystems in alpine and Arctic environments and he has long term studies in Glacier Bay National Park and Denali National Park in Alaska.  Other studies have included how water sources are changing in glacially influenced river systems with climate change and how these changes alter ecological structure and function.

 Nick KettridgeDr Nicholas Kettridge

Dr Nick Kettridge specializes in characterizing the ecohydrological resilience of ecosystems to both natural and anthropogenic disturbance. Much of his research focuses on peatlands; understanding the processes that control the provision of key ecosystem services within these environments, and quantifying their response to changing climatic conditions and extreme events such as fire and drought.


Greg SambrookDr Greg Sambrook Smith

Over the last 20 years Dr Sambrook Smith has been investigating the linkages between river processes and sedimentology at scales ranging from individual pores within a river bed up to km-long bars in some of the World’s largest rivers. Research aims to generate new, generic and quantitative understanding of how rivers function across these scales.

Mark LedgerDr Mark Ledger

Mark is an ecologist researching environmental change in freshwaters. His research group is focused on understanding how environmental stressors and climate change, especially extreme climatic events such as floods, droughts and heat waves, affect the structure and functioning of aquatic ecosystems. Mark currently leads several NERC-funded research projects and supports a number of doctoral researchers and postdoctoral fellows. He also works actively with a growing network of colleagues in the UK and overseas.

bradley-chrisDr Chris Bradley

Chris has been a lecturer in Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Birmingham from 1994 and became Senior Lecturer from 2007.

van-loon-anneDr Anne Van Loon

Dr Anne Van Loon is Lecturer in Physical Geography at University of Birmingham. Dr Van Loon is a catchment hydrologist and hydrogeologist working on drought. She studies the relationship between climate, landscape/ geology, and hydrological extremes and its variation around the world. She is especially interested in the influence of storage in groundwater, human activities, and cold conditions (snow and glaciers) on the development of drought.

rangecroft-sally-2Dr Sally Rangecroft

Dr Sally Rangecroft is a Research Fellow at University of Birmingham. Sally is a physical geographer with experience and interest in interdisciplinary research on water resources, water security and climate change. Her current research with Dr Anne Van Loon is aiming to add the human dimension into drought research, a Rubicon project funded by the Dutch Science Foundation NWO.

PhillipBlaenDr Philip Blaen

Phillip Blaen is a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham. His research involves investigating drivers of water and nutrient transport through river networks with a particular focus on the hydrology of forest ecosystems.

khamis-kieranDr Kieran Khamis

Kieran Khamis is a Research Associate at University of Birmingham. Kieran is a hydroecologist with specialist knowledge of alpine river systems. His current research is focused on the development of a real time, fluorescence-based monitoring system for surface waters.

dugdale-steveDr Steve Dugdale

Steve Dugdale is a Research Fellow at University of Birmingham.  Steve is a physical geographer interested in the application of remote sensing to understand the links between physical stream processes and fluvial ecology.  His current research focuses on quantifying the mechanisms driving temperature patterns in rivers and their influence on aquatic ecosystems.