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Ecohydrology as a scientific discipline has been emerging from the need to address the interactions and feedbacks between ecological, hydrological, geomorphological and atmospheric processes, and aims to understand and predict fast changing aquatic-terrestrial environments. Over the last decade, the scientific discipline of Ecohydrology has seen rapid technological and conceptual developments.

The highly dynamic and often non-linear behaviour of ecohydrological processes pose unique challenges in understanding, monitoring and conserving freshwater ecosystems. Complex process interactions often cause ecohydrological processes to show pronounced temporal dynamics and exhibit marked non-linear behaviour in response to environmental change. Such behaviour manifests itself by the occurrence of distinct thresholds, tipping points or hot moments, periods of enhanced (re)activity and rapid regime shifts; but may also be associated with pronounced spatial heterogeneity, producing locations of enhanced activity or hot spots.

The 6th International Multidisciplinary Conference on: Hydrology and Ecology will focus on “Ecohydrology on the edge: ecology-hydrology-human interactions in a changing world”

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