Frequently asked questions

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Below are some of the most popular questions and answers to help you if you are considering applying to the Alumni Leadership Mentoring programme.

If your question is not answered below, please email and we will be happy to help!

Can I apply if I am not in my penultimate year?

Unfortunately you can’t, but do apply when you are eligible! The programme is only open to students currently in their second year of a three year course, third year of a four year course and medical and dental science students currently in their third or fourth year.

Can I apply if I am on my year abroad, year in industry, intercalated year?

Yes, if you are eligible for the scheme but are not currently on campus, please do still apply! If you will be abroad during the interview period please provide your skype details on the application form. 

Do I get to choose my own mentor?

In the application form, you can choose up to three mentors in order of your preference. We will do our best to allocate you to a mentor that is one of your choices. However there may be some cases where, if you are successful, your allocated mentor may be different as they may be a better match for you. Please note that all of our mentors are excellent individuals to learn and gain advice from so don’t worry if you are not allocated one of your preferences!

What support is there for the application process?

We have a dedicated page that includes all the key pieces of information you need to write a good application form. You can also book an appointment with Careers Network for advice on your application and CV.

What is the difference between the Careers Network mentoring scheme and the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme?

Our Careers Network scheme is open to all undergraduate students and the mentors are in a range of different roles within a variety of sectors. Here we have mentors who are recent graduates through to senior managers. For this scheme you apply and are mentored within the same academic year.

The Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme is open to all penultimate year students. All of the mentors are very high profile and in senior management roles, so they have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. You apply the year before your final year and are then mentored throughout your final year, so it is slightly longer than the Careers Network scheme.

How often do mentees communicate with mentors?

We have asked mentors to provide a minimum of one hour a month and to meet face to face as much as possible. Some of our mentees travel to see their mentor’s workplace, to have a better idea of their day to day role.

How much commitment is involved in this scheme?

As our Alumni Leadership mentors are extremely busy professionals it is crucial to us and the Alumni office that each mentee shows their commitment by being proactive to arrange meetings, responding to emails and driving the relationship from the offset with minimal support.

What support is offered on the scheme?

Although we expect mentees to be proactive, we do give an induction training session in September and a catch-up session in the middle of the year. Of course, throughout the year Careers Network are always here should you have any queries.