Mike Coupe


Current position: Director, J Sainsbury’s

Course: BSc, Physics, 1982


This mentor may be of interest to students of Business Management, or those interested in a career in retail, management, marketing, online development and working in large organisations.


Group Commercial Director of J Sainsbury’s, Physics graduate Mike Coupe has worked for many of the country’s biggest supermarket chains in senior management roles, including ASDA, Tesco and Iceland, before his appointment as Board Director of the Big Food Group. He was made a member of the Operating Board at J Sainsbury’s in 2004, Executive Director in 2007 and began his new role in 2010 where he is responsible for trading, marketing, IT and online.

Quotes from mentees

  • Whilst Mike is obviously incredibly busy he has always made time for us to meet and is genuinely enthusiastic about the scheme.
  • I found it really useful to be able to discuss ideas and get honest feedback from Mike and I think this really helped when it came to deciding the career I wanted to pursue.
  • Mike was able to provide great advice for settling down and making a good impression at a new company, it was interesting to see how many of the skills required for my role were transferrable even though I will be entering a completely different sector.
  • It was a great opportunity to tap into Mike’s experience and get a real insight into management and retail options. I was especially interested in how Mike, as a Physics graduate, had developed a career in the retail sector.
  • Mike asked some thought provoking questions regarding my career direction and I was left with a lot of thinking to do before our next meeting!